K-12 Administrator & Teacher Services

Our mission is to improve the classroom and learning experience of students by sharing information, resources and opportunities with teachers and administrators from coast to coast. The K12 Teachers Alliance works hard to find the highest quality and affordable solutions to meet the common needs of our audience.


K-12 Administrator / District Resources

Our proprietary in-district process involves direct conversations with Superintendents, Curriculum Directors and Principals to asses the needs of their teachers. When we couple this needs analysis with direct teacher input, the K12 Teachers Alliance can determine a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of teachers in the area. We may work to provide any of the following:

  • District specific graduate program cohorts from our partner university tailored to the needs of area teachers
  • Specific licensure or certification programs to help districts meet their future demand for specialists
  • In-service professional development provided to districts at little or no cost
  • Member community (social network)
  • Administrator Insights Blog provided free to principals through TeachHUB


Member Community & Social Networks

Members from Coast to Coast

Since the founding of the K-12 Teachers Alliance, our members have been the driving force behind our organization. We are proud to have members across the entire country. This community of educators is the heart of our organization.

Whether participating in a special district sponsored university cohort, accessing the vast number of free resources through our proprietary teacher resource website, TeachHub or staying connected with us through social media, teachers can find many ways to improve their craft and expand their capabilities daily as a part of the K12 Teachers Alliance.

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Graduate Scholarships & Programs

K-12 Teachers Alliance works with our university partner to provide school district specific scholarships, tuition discounts and programs to meet the needs of a local group of teachers. In addition to district specific opportunities, we have increased program accessibility in some areas by offering specific funding as part of our “making a difference” scholarship initiative.  

Grants & Other Funding Assistance

  • Full & partial funding grants for in-service professional development 
  • Funding for student, teacher and K-12 administrator enrichment projects & initiatives
  • Scholarships and special district tuition discounts provided for area teachers
  • Fund raising for special district or school projects