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KTA Partner Universities see over 2,100 New Teachers Enrolled for Fall 2022

The K-12 Teachers Alliance (KTA) experienced another strong fall start in 2022, with 2,116 teachers entering programs at our 16 partner institutions across the country. Through our proprietary Standard Operating Procedure, which leverages our school district relationships, individual building principals and digital engagement zoom meetings with local teachers, KTA continues to be the premier organization at identifying and meeting the needs of the K-12 community.  The pandemic made it necessary to deliver digital engagement via zoom meetings which has been highly successful.

Below are some highlights and a few examples of the intricate and proven results produced by our propriety SOPs and needs analysis process in local school districts across the country top deliver engaged enrollee.

Continuing our highly engaging communication process through more than 859 school districts in Illinois, we helped facilitate teachers entering 21 different master’s degree programs and 9 different doctoral strands.

Concordia University Chicago (CUC) is the leading provider of the Illinois Principal Prep Program, and through a partnership with KTA can offer this program on over 200 zoom information meetings during the pandemic. KTA’s deep school district relationships allow it to get close to teachers who are interested in furthering their education and careers.

KTA delivers a continuous needs analysis process leading to positive enrollment outcomes. KTA provides direct competitor and market analysis regarding the availability of in-demand programming. Through direct contact with individual teachers KTA acquires interested students, ready to apply, once new programs are created. Program development is significantly less risky when the market is identified and clarified before a KTA partner invests in the process.

Our Southern California partner, Concordia University Irvine (CUI) has a long-standing relationship with the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). KTA helps future administrators, not only with the steps they need to enroll in the Administrative Licensure Program, but also helps them obtain their free membership in the association. This gives our partner program a competitive advantage over similar programs in the very competitive Los Angeles and Orange County market.

CUI and KTA work together to provide local teachers looking for more programing options. This has included flexible one year option in both Curriculum & Instruction and the Educational Technology programs. This not only provided greater competitive options for the teachers, but also directly led to an increase in enrollment for these programs.

In LA and Orange County, union cooperation is the key to long term success. KTA has formal district relationships with many districts in California. Some of our most successful partnerships include Irvine, Tustin, Long Beach and LA unified. During the 2022-2023 school year KTA can provide focused zoom information meetings for those areas while potentially reaching the entire state teacher population while assessing needs and facilitating programs from our partner institution.

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