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K-12 Teachers Alliance Partners with Avila University in Missouri

K-12 Teachers Alliance has partnered with Avila University to expand its impact in Missouri to reach educators and reduce growing teacher shortages.

FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2022, K-12 Teachers Alliance (KTA) has officially partnered with Avila University in Kansas City, Missouri, to expand their impact in the state, reach more educators, and help fight the growing teacher shortage in our nation through quality, convenience, and affordability.

This partnership between KTA and Avila University will assist teachers in finding the right graduate programs to further their education, provide advancement opportunities and gain valuable new skills. This collaboration intends to join innovative approaches to graduate programming for teachers.

Avila’s master’s degrees and graduate certifications aim to meet teachers where they are in life, with competitive affordability, flexible scheduling, small class sizes, and accelerated terms, making success and accomplishment a priority for working individuals.

KTA partners with progressive forward-thinking universities such as Avila, by leveraging comprehensive programming, market pricing, and format methodologies; the partnership delivers new programming to a state that sorely needs incremental teacher resources.

“We are excited about the vision Dr. Burkee, Ph.D. President of Avila, and the leadership team have developed, and their commitment to meeting the needs of teachers,” said Bruce Ranney, President at K-12 Teachers Alliance.

KTA’s Graduate Programs for Educators will give teachers direct access to Avila University and their program formats, resulting in a supportive and seamless graduate education process, to help Avila drive responsible enrollment growth.

“Having partnered with many institutions in many states for nearly 20 years, we know when an institution will have a meaningful impact on its K-12 community. We look forward to our work ahead with Avila University in offering its well-respected programs to the educators throughout the state,” said Joe Mroz, Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & University Relations at K-12 Teachers Alliance.

About Avila University

Avila University is a Catholic university founded and inspired by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. The Sisters’ values of inclusion, service and lifelong learning are evident in each graduating class as Avila alumni set out to make a difference in the world. Avila offers access to
Catholic education with a liberal arts foundation to a diverse student population through more than 60 degrees and workforce certificate programs.

About K-12 Teachers Alliance

Sharing Solutions That Work for Teachers, Principals, and the Children They Serve

With members across the spectrum of K-12 education — including public, private, charter, contract, and online schools, as well as unions and other educator organizations — the K-12 Teachers Alliance serves educators by gathering the strengths of the entire K-12 community.

Since our inception, we have found surprising success in helping educators through the proactive method of communication and shared problem-solving. We are now growing by leaps and bounds, based on the simple idea of “help us help you.”

With over 100,000 K-12 educators served, and so many more to serve, now is the time to join us as we face today’s education challenges.

By coming together for the purpose of organizing and sharing resources, KTA is able to provide a range and depth of services that is truly different for the graduate education institution. It is the continual contributions of our membership and the pooling of resources that allow us to provide real solutions to the many challenges facing today’s K-12 educators.

For more information on Avila University graduate programs, please visit

Joseph J. Mroz
Executive Vice President of University Relations
+1 708-213-6002

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