Five KTA Partners Rank #1 in Market Share in Graduate Enrollment

In 2019 K-12 Teachers Alliance has ranked high in market share and number of conferred degrees.

For the most recent reported year of 2019, K-12 Teachers Alliance (KTA) partner schools ranked very high in all of their respective states for graduate teacher master’s degrees conferred. Of KTAs 18 partners, 5 schools ranked number 1 in market share. The following chart lists the top performers in Illinois, Connecticut, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Texas. 

Private Non-Profit Leadership

Among private non-profit universities in Illinois, KTA’s partner school, Concordia University Chicago has 27% market share of graduate degrees conferred. CUC is one of the elite graduate teacher education programs in the country. For all schools including public universities, CUC is still number one with an impressive 18% share among a competitive pool of 48 schools across Illinois.  University of Saint Josephs in Connecticut ranks first in that state with a 25% market share of private non-profit schools.

With its diverse number of universities across the country, KTA has five other partners who rank second in their respective states. In all, KTA has 10 of its 18 partners that rank either number one or two in market share. Longtime partner Concordia University Irvine maintained number two and a 9% market share in the biggest teacher state in the country against a competitor count of 48 schools.

KTA partners ranked #1 in Private Non-Profit University Graduate Degrees Conferred

*Data from Emsi databases.

Likewise, in Texas where KTA has two partners Concordia University Texas (CUT) and University of St. Thomas (UST), each holding the number one and number two spots respectively with 16% and 16% as well. CUT edged out number two UST by just 3 (three) degrees. That means in total KTA partners control 32% of the conferring master teacher degrees in the third largest state by teacher count.

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