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National 10 Year Graduate Education Degree Decline

In the last 10 years graduate education degrees for teachers have declined by 13% in total. This has been a long-term trend, however 2021 did increase over 2020 by 5% as the industry was still contending with Covid. The industry waits to see if this is a onetime anomaly or a bottoming of the long-term trend. Highlighting growth areas of the top five programs nationally are Educational Leadership and Administration which maintains a 13% and a 3% growth from 10 years ago and Special Education continues to increase over the last 10 years, as schools demand more special needs and education professional with advance degrees to handle the new complex teaching environment with its diverse demographics.

General Education, Curriculum & Instruction and Counselor Education programs decreased 34%, 10% and 16% respectively as those programs contributed significantly to the total decrease of all degrees. This situation exacerbates the already challenging teacher supply market as shortages continue to be a major issue as school districts grapple with dwindling qualified candidates.

KTA continues to monitor program performance and is one of the national leaders with partnerships that have some of the strongest Education Leadership programs in the country and seeks to capitalize on marketing programs in growth areas such as Special Education.

Graduate Education Program Degree Awards 2012 compared to 2021

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