University Partnerships

Because the K-12 Teachers Alliance is not an academic institution, we partner with non-profit, fully-accredited colleges and universities across the country to provide graduate degrees and certification programs to our mutual audience of current or potential educators. Our typically long-standing partnerships are exclusive by academic program and geography.

Through our array of services, we provide partner institutions both brand and education program specific awareness directly in K-12 school districts. This exposure typically results in controlled enrollment growth for our university partners and satisfies our interest in serving the K-12 market with relevant, well respected programs.

After establishing full transparency and seamless communication with the partner institution during our on-boarding process, the K-12 Teachers Alliance executes our proprietary marketing process which leverages our district relationships, your university’s high quality brand and targeted specific digital campaigns to meet the specific graduate education needs of teachers in your state and beyond. 

The KTA approach drives market share for your programs and university.


District Relationships

KTA takes pride in the relationships we build with local school districts. Our needs analysis process works from the top down in a school district starting with the Superintendent of each district in a given state. We not only want the K12 community to know about our partner university’s program offerings but also want to know what our partners can do for them. Through this type of dialogue we begin to fully understand the needs of the K12 educators in that geographic region.


  • KTA’s has 7,587 school district relationships
  • District relationships with 79% of school districts in 17 states
  • Approval to distribute info directly to 57,504 individual schools
  • 932 school district meetings held in 2022

  • 4,028 students enrolled in 2021/2022 school year nationwide
  • 18,297 student inquiries handled by KTA
  • Best in Class follow-up and conversion process

  • Direct outreach to every principal in the state
  • Needs analysis feedback from teachers/principals
  • Adjunct recruitment


University Specific Branding

With the number of graduate education providers skyrocketing, and large OPMs and for-profit online universities driving digital costs through the roof, your university’s mission, core values and quality is what sets you apart. As more programs, formats and pricing are similar amongst competitors, teachers are looking to other differentiators. As we want to capitalize on this opportunity for our partnerships, we have developed proven ways to increase interest in your programs by making your mission and values more visible with K12 teachers and administrators.

University Brand Awareness

  • Creating original digital content specifically for grad ed
  • Teacher testimonials
  • Dean’s Message
  • Program Director Highlights
  • Mission and Core Value Statements


Targeted Digital Approach

The K12 Teachers Alliance checks all the digital boxes; email marketing, SEO, multiple social channels and content marketing. We build optimized digital landing environments that are clear and concise for an interested student to find the information they are searching for. In addition to your current university website, we will incorporate our social media contacts and several proprietary website options that provide better national exposure for your programs.

Integrated Website Strategy

  • Targeted digital marketing campaigns
  • KTA manages Google ad campaigns for 13 partners
  • Over 100,000 social media followers
  • Extensive e-campaigns through districts

  • Over 240,000 unique page views per month
  • More than 1,000 articles on teacher topics

  • Averaging more than 75,000 unique page views per month

Important Notice: The K-12 Teachers Alliance is not an academic institution. We do not develop or provide curriculum of any kind, or act as academic advisors. Any and all academic programs or courses recommended or offered via the K-12 Teachers Alliance are entirely that of the college or university partner including all policies, admission criteria and curriculum. We operate within the strict governance of the institution. All partners are non-profit and fully accredited. We have worked with accredited institutions in every region of the country. We do not consider partnerships with for-profit institutions. We partner with only one institution per degree program in a given geographic area. We do not provide federal financial aid or student loans of any kind. Any funding assistance available is in the form of gifts, grants or scholarships.