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How Holy Family University Made the Admission Process Easy

Navigating Requirements and Finding Information

Greater than you thought possible. This is the title of the HFU Viewbook. This phrase is a perfect representation of the admission process for Holy Family University. Applying to college should be simple. Fill out the application. Submit your documents (financials, transcripts, a list of activities or resume items you want the college to know, etc.). Wait for an acceptance letter.

In today’s digital society, applying becomes even more simplified utilizing a website, clicking on a few links, and hitting submit. Holy Family University makes the admission process straightforward and greater than you thought possible. Upon entering the Holy Family University website, a glaringly apparent APPLY NOW button is staring at the viewer. Thinking about graduate programs? Maybe you are a transfer? It is all here and easily accessible.

Financial Aid

Have you ever started filling out an application and realized you did not have all the proper documents at your fingertips? This is one piece the Holy Family University admission process makes easy and stress free: You can start the application now and resume it at a later time. Years ago, the student loan and financial aid process was paper and pen. Now, filling out the appropriate documents is a seamless process. You can apply for financial aid, payment plans, and student loans simply by clicking a button.

Helpful, Available Advisors and Resources

For our not-as-tech-savvy individuals, Holy Family offers ample support both in person and on the phone. Advisors are always available on campus. Even during these unique times with safety guidelines, setting up an appointment is as effortless as making a phone call. Advisors and counselors can speak with you and walk you through the admissions process, answer questions related to specific majors, curriculum, and additional resources. Not only are they knowledgeable, they are welcoming and inviting.

Many resources are available on the website. Would you like to visit the campus in person or virtually? There is a link for that. Do you want to know when Holy Family representatives will be in the area or hosting information meetings? The dates and locations are listed for you.

Holy Family University is a family. The staff embraces you as a potential student and a member of its community from your first interaction. Not only does the Holy Family admissions department show all that the university has to offer, they also entice you to return for more programs. I have attended Holy Family on three separate occasions: a bachelor’s degree ‘04, a master’s degree ‘05, and an additional educational leadership certification ‘10.

The admissions department was a key factor in my return for more degrees. While the instructors and curriculum are top notch, the ease of applying reduces any wavering from the applicant’s standpoint. Little did I know back in 2000 that Holy Family University would be greater than I thought possible, but it truly is. Click on that APPLY NOW button. Go through the admission process. Let Holy Family University admissions help show you are greater than you thought possible!

Convinced to start your next journey at Holy Family University? Explore our available graduate programs here and enroll today!

Lauren Carr
High school principal; M.Ed., Educational Leadership Certification
from Holy Family University, PA

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