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Teacher Information Meetings go Digital—See Dramatic Rise in Attendance

As so many school districts struggled with challenges of the pandemic, we adjusted our district teacher and needs analysis meetings to Zoom. Historically these were conducted face to face, whenever possible, but the huge increase in Zoom familiarity gave us the opportunity to reach so many more teachers by holding a larger number of virtual meetings.

These meetings are extremely important to help us identify specific teacher needs within a district or area.  Using program specific meetings we are able to break down the audience even further to provide valuable information to teachers looking for a specific licensure or certification.

These information meetings are great way for teachers to learn about a partner university’s comprehensive program offerings and application process. Additionally they provide area teachers the direct contact and feeling of support that is so important when making an informed decision when choosing a graduate degree provider. Attendance at our individual school district meetings nearly doubled in 2020 from the previous year.  

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