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KTA’s Popular TeachHUB.com Launches a New Redesign

FRANKFORT, Il. – March 17, 2021

Modern educators utilize technology to inform, inspire, and enhance their instruction. 11 years ago, K-12 Teachers Alliance met that growing need with the launch of TeachHUB.com, a place to find resources that are created by teachers for teachers, as well as an online space for educators to connect, collaborate, learn, and share ideas – all at no cost.

Now, K-12 Teachers Alliance has launched a redesign of TeachHUB.com, improving the user experience while keeping the resources educators need to stay relevant and effective in today’s classrooms.

Some of the new features educators can explore include:

  • A more intuitive, user-friendly design and a cleaner, modern look
  • Navigational redesign to easily find resources, including enhanced search and new categories
  • Substantial increase in teacher-created content, covering topics such as teaching strategies, classroom management, classroom activities, technology in the classroom, and professional development
  • Revamped lessons plans and writing prompts for multiple grade level and subjects

Additionally, educators can take advantage of our professional development services facilitated by industry experts to expand their knowledge, master new skills, and refine their pedagogies.

Through our TeachHUB community, KTA is able to reach:

The redesign has contributed to TeachHUB being one of the top destination websites for teachers with 2.1 million unique users and 3.2 million pages views during the last twelve months.

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