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KTA Partners Benefit from Graduateprogram.org Redesign

K-12 Teachers Alliance has recently redesigned its premier teacher destination website, GraduateProgram.org, allowing educators to locate high-quality programs in whichever field they prefer in order to advance their careers and meet professional goals.

With the new design, KTA created a new cleaner user experience developed to enhance total website functionality. The website redesign impacted the homepage and partner microsites to make them more visually appealing while providing comprehensive information for all of the programs. Some of the new features of the website include:

  • Navigational redesign to help better locate desired program information with visitor needs in mind, including new categories and enhanced search.
  • Visual enhancements with attention to directing visitors to the most useful content.
  • Enhanced program specifics provide comprehensive information and easier application submission.
  • Significant increase in content in a wide array of topics, from teacher professional development and administrator insights to degree acquisition goals or even deciding when it’s the right time to pursue a graduate degree.
  • Improved teacher support with chat box ability and immediate staff engagement.
  • Highlights for the most popular programs and enhanced features for all 18 of its partnerships.

In addition, the GraduateProgram.org redesign quadrupled unique users to nearly 50,000 per month and doubled page views to over 92,000.

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